TechnoLogismiki Works 2023

Download demonstration versions for all Hydraulic, Hydrological, Environmental, Structural, Marine, Survey and Financial programs, user guides and online help manuals. TechnoLogismiki Works 2022 require Microsoft© Windows 7/8/10/11 and include demonstration versions for all users without a valid license or professional versions for users with a valid license and an active support contract:

The following files are available for download:

File Description Size Date
TLW2023.iso Installation DVD image (latest) 1.31 GB 21/09/2022
TLW2022.iso Installation DVD image (old version) 1.29 GB 30/09/2021
TLW2021.iso Installation DVD image (old version) 1.61 GB 10/09/2020
TLW2020.iso Installation DVD image (old version) 1.46 GB 30/09/2019
Older versions are not available.


xlOptimizer add-in is compatible with Microsoft© Excel 2016/2019/2021/365, both 32/64bit versions.

The demonstration version is free, and no registration is required. It works with up to 10 design variables and offers no statistical tools. You can download it here: xlOptimizer demo.

For more information please visit the dedicated site:


Hackman 9.3 is an advanced hex editor, disassembler and template editor. It comes with cryptography capabilities, decoding with algorithms and a fully-featured editor. You can edit any file, disk drive, RAM process, ZIP drive and more. 

File Description Size Date
Hackman Hackman suite 9.19 MB 23/05/2014
Language packs: Argentina (Complete) 24.0 Kb 10/10/2007 Australia (Complete) 21.2 Kb 30/10/2006 Brazil (Disassembler, Calculator, Print Manager) 5.3 Kb 30/10/2006 Bulgaria (Hex Editor, Print Manager) 14.7 Kb 30/10/2006 Canada (Complete) 21.2 Kb 30/10/2006 China Simplified (Hex Editor) 11.8 Kb 30/10/2006 Cyprus (Complete) 24.4 Kb 30/10/2006 Estonia (Complete) 21.3 Kb 30/10/2006 France (Complete) 23.0 Kb 30/10/2006 Germany (Complete) 44.5 Kb 30/10/2006 Great Britain (Complete) 21.2 Kb 30/10/2006 Hellas (Complete) 24.4 Kb 30/10/2006 Italy (Complete) 33.0 Kb 30/10/2006 Lithuania (Complete) 22.2 Kb 30/10/2006 Portugal (Hex Editor, Calculator, Print Manager) 16.0 Kb 30/10/2006 Romania (Complete) 22.0 Kb 30/10/2006 Russia (Complete) 24.2 Kb 30/10/2006 Spain (Complete) 24.0 Kb 10/10/2007 United States (Complete) 21.1 Kb 30/10/2006

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