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Download demonstration versions for all Hydraulic, Hydrological, Environmental, Structural, Marine, Survey and Financial programs, user guides and online help manuals. TechnoLogismiki Works 2024 require Microsoft© Windows 7/8/10/11 and include demonstration versions for all users without a valid license or professional versions for users with a valid license and an active support contract:

The following files are available for download:

File Description Size Date
TLW2024.iso Installation DVD image (latest version) 1.34 GB 20/09/2023
TLW2023.iso Installation DVD image (old version) 1.31 GB 21/09/2022
TLW2022.iso Installation DVD image (old version) 1.29 GB 30/09/2021
TLW2021.iso Installation DVD image (old version) 1.61 GB 10/09/2020
Older versions are not available.


The program description can be found here.

Customers that have the program Flood Flows in version 2022 or 2023 can download and use the professional version TLSolver Pro here for free.

Customers that have the program Flood Flows in version 2024 can download and use the professional version TLSolver 2024.1 Pro here for free.

You can download a demonstration version here.


xlOptimizer add-in is compatible with Microsoft© Excel 2016/2019/2021/365, both 32/64bit versions.

The demonstration version is free, and no registration is required. It works with up to 10 design variables and offers no statistical tools. You can download it here: xlOptimizer demo.

For more information please visit the dedicated site:


Hackman 9.3 is an advanced hex editor, disassembler and template editor. It comes with cryptography capabilities, decoding with algorithms and a fully-featured editor. You can edit any file, disk drive, RAM process, ZIP drive and more. 

File Description Size Date
Hackman Hackman suite 9.19 MB 23/05/2014
Language packs: Argentina (Complete) 24.0 Kb 10/10/2007 Australia (Complete) 21.2 Kb 30/10/2006 Brazil (Disassembler, Calculator, Print Manager) 5.3 Kb 30/10/2006 Bulgaria (Hex Editor, Print Manager) 14.7 Kb 30/10/2006 Canada (Complete) 21.2 Kb 30/10/2006 China Simplified (Hex Editor) 11.8 Kb 30/10/2006 Cyprus (Complete) 24.4 Kb 30/10/2006 Estonia (Complete) 21.3 Kb 30/10/2006 France (Complete) 23.0 Kb 30/10/2006 Germany (Complete) 44.5 Kb 30/10/2006 Great Britain (Complete) 21.2 Kb 30/10/2006 Hellas (Complete) 24.4 Kb 30/10/2006 Italy (Complete) 33.0 Kb 30/10/2006 Lithuania (Complete) 22.2 Kb 30/10/2006 Portugal (Hex Editor, Calculator, Print Manager) 16.0 Kb 30/10/2006 Romania (Complete) 22.0 Kb 30/10/2006 Russia (Complete) 24.2 Kb 30/10/2006 Spain (Complete) 24.0 Kb 10/10/2007 United States (Complete) 21.1 Kb 30/10/2006

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