Hydraulic Hammer

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Version 22 - September 2023


This program calculates the water hammer caused by slow closing of a valve downstream. The water level of the tank is assumed constant. For the friction calculation, one of 15 available formulas may be used. The solver is based on the method of characteristic lines which substitutes the hyperbolic partial differential equations with common ones. The program can show the variation of the pressure, celerity and flow rate along the pipe in a visual and animated way, including the maximum over-pressure and sub-pressure. Alternatively, the results can be displayed in tabulated form.


  • Supports any fluid using a customizable fluid database.
  • Capable of handling up to 3 pipes (1 junction).
  • Constant pressure device.
  • Valve with customizable closing.
  • Step by step calculations analysis which becomes available to the user upon successful termination of the solver.
  • Databases:
    • friction coefficients
    • elasticity
    • materials
    • construction methods
    • fluid properties.
  • Import / export data from / to Microsoft Excel.
  • Multilevel undo and redo.
  • Compatible with all former versions of the program.
  • Professional reports and printouts in Microsoft Word or directly to the printer.
  • Formatted Microsoft Word printouts.
  • Tip of the day.
  • Full user guide.
  • Tutorials.
  • Live Update.
  • English and Greek interface.
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