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TechnoLogismiki Works 2024,

the most robust solution for Engineers!

Hydraulics: water, sewer and irrigation networks, rivers, culverts, solvers.
Hydrology: water budget in catchments, IDF curves and flood flows.
Environmental: roadway pollution, mobile emissions model, landfill gas, construction noise.
Financial: estimation of engineer's fees for projects and services, construction auctions, permits (in Greek).
Structural: biaxial bending.
Marine: characteristic wave.
Tools: ground model, optimization for Microsoft Excel, coordinate transformatio, Nomoskopio (in Greek).

We introduce TLSolver 2024,

the next-gen generic solver

by TechnoLogismiki

TLSolver is a general-purpose solver with the most complete report,
featuring HTML5 implementation, active links to external and internal
resources, a powerful unit system (on per-variable basis), full support
for complex mathematical notation within the report, an automatic citation
and appendix system, internal databases, direct printing to PDF,
direct export to DOCX format, etc.

The following solvers are currently available:
Hydrology: Flood flows, Flood routing in rivers, Flood routing in reservoirs.


Nomoskopio is an extensive law database for engineers (in Greek).


xlOptimizer is a generic optimization tool for Microsoft Excel (version 2016 or newer), implementing a host of state-of-the-art algorithms, both single- and multi-objective.

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