Regarding Shoreline and Coastline

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M. Bakavou and F. Fotopoulos, first edition 2016

Edition: First
ISBN: 978-960-562-510-8
Format: Papercover
Pages: 208
Language:  Greek
Date: January 2016
Publisher: Nomiki Bibliothiki

This book is the first of a series which presents and analyzes the legal and technical aspects of several areas of administrative law simultaneously. It examines Law 2971/2001, which sets the rules concerning the shoreline and coastline from the perspective of a jurist and a civil engineer. The first part is dedicated to the various concepts and set of rules that define and protect the shoreline and coastline, along with the governing and administrative bodies which participate in the procedure. The second examines the practical and technical application of the aforementioned rules (i.e. which construction works are permitted), and the harmonization between the protection of the coastal environment and the much needed economical development of the coastal areas.

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