Water Networks Toolpack

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Product Info

Version 16 - September 2023


This add-in program extends Water Networks functionality by adding several useful functions and features. These functions include a water hammer check, automated placement of special devices such as vacuum valves and air release valves and more.


  • Contours of equal value, based on point data or results, which can be exported to a DXF file.
  • Major / minor contours. The major contours are thicker, and they are optionally accompanied by their value. These are also included in the DXF output file.
  • Capability of defining a maximum and minimum value for the contours. Contour values that are greater than the maximum value or lower than the minimum value are displayed in separate, customizable colors.
  • Integrated water hammer checks and placement of pressure release valves in networks without loops.
  • Automated placement of air release valves and vacuum valves where necessary.
  • Advanced object renaming.
  • Node alignment tool.
  • Special functions for designing pipes.
  • "Demand distribution", distributes a demand to all the network, depending on the conduits’ lengths.
  • Import water areas (closed polylines) from DXF and automatically attach them to adjacent nodes.
  • Exact total water area tool calculates the total area for a specified area category.
  • Evaluation of ground elevation from TIN network (3DFaces in DXF files).
  • Complete integration in Water Networks’ user interface